I was looking at the ordinance survey map and spotted a public footpath right on our doorstep that I’ve never done. So the sun was out, the kids and dogs needed to blow off some steam, so off we went.

I love to walk in a loop, rather than turn around to walk back the way I came – this is one of the great things about this walk – there are three loop options. Today we went on the longest loop, which was still just 2 miles. So a perfect length for a quick walk.

Sometimes it is so easy to forget how beautiful the landscape is and how peaceful it is around us at Buckland Farm Log Cabins. This walk starts by walking towards the yard of our neighbouring farm, you then turn off into fields, which have a slight incline. Despite months of dry weather, the recent rains meant there were some soggy elements.

Walking through a tunnel of trees you come to an opening where a quaint little church appears; it feels like a church from a period drama – hidden away and secret. The church is not connected to electricity, so is lit by oil lamps and heated by an old wood-burning stove.

We then walk along a lane for a bit – we meet just one car. Back into a field, the golden retriever finds a pool of water and goes for a swim (quickly followed by the cockapoo). The cattle obviously used this as a drinking pool and left evidence (let’s just say the dogs required a shower when we got home). After a short, sharp incline, the walk then got relatively level until we reached the last stretch, which was the lane back down to the log cabins.

Mud rating – 3.5 out of 5 (though could go to 5 out of 5 after rain). I wore trainers – feet got a bit damp.

Take the strain – 3 out of 5. Some steep hills, but relatively short and sharp. Some stiles are not suitable for dogs – we had to lift all three dogs over a couple. This is not a problem for the smaller dogs, but it would have been impossible to get the 30kg retriever over them if was walking alone.