As work begins on cabin number three while we wait for the windows to arrive for cabin one and two, we took the opportunity to paint the outside of the two cabins with preservative to protect the wood from the elements.

We are using Osmo, which is a natural oil-based product that will protect the wood from the sun, rain and fungal attacks. It doesn’t come cheap – we’ve bought 20 tins of Osmo, hoping this is enough to give all four cabins two coats each. So far, we’ve coated cabin number one twice, and cabin number two once. We used seven tins. So hopefully on track.

Painting the first coats wasn’t too bad, as you could see the colour change on the wood, so you knew where you’ve been. But the second coat was like painting a white ceiling white. But it isn’t a bad job – particularly when up in the tractor bucket to paint the high parts and you have the wonderful views around you of the lush Somerset scenery!

However, this feeling may wear off by the time we are onto painting the larger two cabins.