So, the “Beast from the East” has struck. The supermarket shelves are fast emptying – even the wine shelves have worryingly large gaps! Groundworks go on hold, but we are not concerned. The cabins are ordered, and the first delivery of the two one-bedrooms cabins aren’t due direct from Finland until 15th May 2018. So, we have plenty of time to enjoy this winter wonderland.

One of our favourite places to take the dogs is Neroche Castle – an Iron Age hill fort. Always a challenging walk down and then back up the ancient hill, made harder when deep in snow with a hard-frozen crust, but this is what our daughter wanted to do. It was well worth it. We had the woods to ourselves – the snow untouched apart from the tracks of a variety of wildlife. It really felt we had walked through the wardrobe into Narnia.

Neroche Castle is just a two-minute drive from our Buckland Farm Log Cabins, but also part of the Herepath, elements of which run adjacent to the farmland, including Staple Hill, another lovely walk we will tell you more about in the future.

But now back to the snow walk at Neroche Castle – a number of snow angels, slip ups, photo taking, an attempt to see if the retriever could drag daughter through the snow, and view gazing we concluded our circuit and looked forward to a hot chocolate and a biscuit!